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My name is Beate Bader a self-taught crafter and printmaker from Germany, who now calls Norway home. I am a geologist, with a major interest in marine biology. After moving from Kiel, Germany to Norway in 2007 I decided to make art full time.


I create small monsters and dolls in different shape, colour, size and with a lot of fun.


My big passion are strong colours and the fascination of animals and nature is reflected in my work. I also embroider and create small worlds in fish cans.


Different materials - wool, fishing line, plastic bag yarn, pearls, felt, fur, fish vertebra, buttons, fly tying material - are a big treasure chamber for my inspiration. Moreover I collect flotsam on long walks along the beaches of Northern Norway which I involve in my creations.


I started printing and stitching some years ago and  I enjoy the work with diffrent techniques. Here again colours and various materials are my passion.