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About me



My name is Beate Bader a self-taught illustrator-crafter from Germany, who now calls Norway home. I am a geologist, with a major interest in marine biology. After moving from Kiel, Germany to Norway in 2007 I decided to make art full time.


I create small monsters and dolls in different shape, colour, size and with a lot of fun. My label for the handmade creatures is "püppigurimi". It is a mash-up of the German word "Püppi" (doll) and "amigurumi", the Japanese art of crocheting small stuffed animals, typically cute animals or inanimate objects endowed with human characteristics.


My big passion are strong colours and the fascination of animals and nature is reflected in my work. I also embroider and create small worlds in fish cans.


Different materials - wool, fishing line, plastic bag yarn, pearls, felt, fur, fish vertebra, buttons, fly tying material - are a big treasure chamber for my inspiration. Moreover I collect flotsam on long walks along the beaches of Northern Norway which I involve in my creations.


In the paintings I like to work with a palette-knife, combine colours and use colours in thick layers on canvas. To draw monsters is a new experience and creates a good mood.



Artistic education

2015               Illustration II, Julia Freund, Berlin, Germany

2014               Illustration I, Julia Freund, Berlin, Germany

2009               Summer Academy Traunkirchen, Austria, painting, Christian Ludwig Attersee

2008               International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg, Austria, 2

                         Painting and photography/inside and outside, Anna Meyer

2007               Drawing and acryl painting, Daniela R. Olsen, Stavanger, Norway

2006-07         Stone sculpture, Zuzana Hlinakova, Kiel, Germany

2001-07         Oil painting, Uta Hoepner-Neutze and Elke Blunk, Kiel, Germany



2009               Christian Ludwig Attersee, painting, Summer Academy Traunkirchen, Austria

Group exhibition

2016              "Juleutstilling", Harstad kunstforening, Harstad, Norway

2014              "Multicultura", Harstad, Norway

2013              "Juleutstilling", Harstad kunstforening, Harstad, Norway

2009              "Ausstellung der Klasse Malerei, Christian Ludwig Attersee", Traunkirchen, Austria

2008              "Open House" - Final exhibition of the classes, Hallein, Austria

2004              "The Third Annual Artist and Student´s Exhibition", Lubinus Akademie, Kiel, Germany


Solo exhibition

2014   De 4 Roser, Harstad, Norway

2010   Frida Hansens Hus, Stavanger, Norway

2010   "he`e nalu-Wellenreiter-surfer, kroppsutsnitt", Café Sting, Stavanger, Norway

2009   Salong Mint, Stavanger, Norway